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The CrusherEX - Because Adventure is Not Cancelled

Where to even start with this? I guess I will start with the premise and a little back story.I rode The Crusher last year. It was a roughly 234 mile point to point race/ride from Copper Harbor, MI to Marquette, MI. The weather was just about perfect and the road conditions could not have been better. It was a spectacular day that took me just under 16 hours, even with riding the last 80 miles by myself. I finished 4th and was instantly ready to sign up and do it again. None of that, “I hated that, and I will never do it again”, only to change my mind two weeks later; like for Marji. If signup for 2020 would have been available at the finish line I would have thrown my money at them, then laid down on the ground.Here is my Crusher write-up from 2019 if you are interested:Redefining "Go Big or Go Home"Fast forward a few short months and I found out I had a family wedding to attend on the day of the 2020 Crusher. Talk about being bummed. Fast forward a few more months and we fi…

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