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Time to Flip the 2020 Script

Does this count as looking for the silver lining? It seems like all I’ve heard for the last seventeen years is how horrible a certain year, perhaps last year, was. I’m a bit tired of being told it was rubbish, so I thought I would take a different look back at it to see why it may have been one of the most enjoyable years of riding bikes. Sure, racing didn’t happen much, and I, being a bit of a racer boy, was bummed every time I got an email or saw a notification that a race had been postponed or simply canceled until 2021. The flip side of that coin is I often found myself with some great fitness and some free time on my calendar. A good recap should start at the beginning. I started training for the 2020 race season in November 2019. My first few months of base training went really well, and I was coming into late winter/early spring about as strong on the bike as I have ever been. As a birthday present to myself I took the day off work (3/16 if you want to send me presents) so

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