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…So there I was sitting at the side of the road, in the dark with no cell service a basically non-functioning right arm with nothing around for miles and no way to know if Laurie knew where to get me.  Wait a second, that comes much later in the story. Let’s jump back to the beginning. In fact, let’s jump back to July 2019 first. My first Crusher experience in 2019 was probably about at ideal as a ride comes. The course conditions were stellar, my prep for the event was right on and we had a solid group riding together for a very long time. At least until I clipped a rock on an otherwise nice gravel road and took a slide over the cheese grater. Shortly there after I had to back my effort down a bit and lost contact with the other four people who were still in the group. I got myself back together and was able to really push the last few hours to (unknowingly) passing one person and closing the gap from 20 minutes to just over two minutes by the finish line. I came in 4 th on the

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