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The 2023 Marji Gesick

I’m going to start off by telling you this is not one of those amazing stories you’ve seen on the Marji Chat page; it’s not full of trials and tribulations, there is no “this is my moment”, not even a cool overcoming adversity section. This is simply a story about how I set a goal, trained hard (for a long time), made a plan and executed on race day. I could talk about all the workouts I’ve done, the time on the trainer, fun rides with friends and other races done in preparation for Marji Day; but the whole point is to talk about the race. After all, everyone has their own plan to get to that start line and what I did may not (probably won’t) work for you. So I’ll skip that and get to the good part. Race Day! I take that back, I have to step back a week first to talk about the weather forecast. I started looking at it about a week out and every time I checked it was different. Rain, sun, cold, clouds, hurricane; okay, I may have made that last one up, but you get the point. I simply wa

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