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Marji Gesick 100 / 2022 Year End / Plans for 2023

Marji Gesick 100 / 2022 Year End / Plans for 2023 That’s a whole lot to cover in one blog post, but since I have not written one if far too long I thought I’d go big. Nearly as big as the hernia I left Marji with (hint as to the year end part). Let’s start with the lead up to Marji Gesick 2022. My training, prep and conditioning were probably as good as they had ever been. I’d been hitting my workouts, a few weeks before race day I did a five day gravel “tour” covering nearly 450 miles (talk about building fitness) and I generally felt good, strong and ready. The week leading up to the race the weather kept changing, but generally it did not look promising-rain. Rain for days. I will say I am pretty good at flipping off that “self-preservation” switch while riding, but trying to ride the entire Marji race in the rain was not something I was looking forward to. So much so, I told Laurie I was not too proud to pull the plug if I thought conditions were going to ruin, or create great havo

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