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Third Time’s a Charm or You’d Think I would Learn My Lesson Sooner….

Did we make it or is this photoshop trickery?  No one ever accused me of making good decisions when it comes to cycling: 100-mile mountain bike races, 200+ mile gravel races, waking up at 4:00am six days a week to train, the list goes on. But all of those seem rather sane compared to taking a third swing at riding the 400-mile Border to Border route I planned out a few years ago. The first two attempts both ended early because of weather, and maybe a bit of poor planning on my part; I mean who thinks it is a good idea to ride all day and all night in Michigan in October; cold is an understatement. This time around I was a little smarter at least. Let’s really stress that “little” in there. First things first: a brief history of bad decisions - in 2018 Brett, Sheldon and I rode 333 miles from Ohio to Mackinaw City. We had a crew of two in a motorhome that met us along the way. It was a great yet challenging day. In 2019 we thought we would try for something a little bigger and the i

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